Q: What makes The Millennium Group’s investigators so special?

A: There are thousands of so-called private investigators working today. Some are licensed, insured, qualified and ethical. Unfortunately, many are none of the above. The Millennium Group’s investigators are from the elite ranks of the CIA and FBI, and bring with them the skill, resourcefulness and professionalism that only comes with years of intense training and decades of investigative experience. Using the best people insures that our clients will get the best results.

Q: I would like to locate someone from my past — can it be done?

A: If you give us enough to go on and the trail is not too cold, almost certainly, yes! Our batting average in missing persons cases is quite high (over 95%). The more info you can give us to start with, the better the odds that we will locate the person. With an exact date of birth, Social Security Number and/or complete last known address, we almost never miss. But we have found people (often the same day) with a lot less to go on. It is usually quite inexpensive and making possible these happy reunions (of old friends, former sweethearts, etc.) is one of our favorite assignments!

Q: How expensive is it to have someone “checked out”?

A: Unfortunately, there can be no simple answer to this rather vague question. The cost of a background search depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is, how deeply into this person’s past and present you would like us to go. If the Subject is a prospective, low-level employee, you may not want to go much further than a criminal history (are you unknowingly dealing with a convicted felon?), driving record and worker’s compensation history. If, on the other hand, it is a person you have just started dating, you will probably want to know a bit more (former marriages, children, debts?). If the Subject is someone you intend to marry or take on as a business partner, you would be wise to have a very complete background search run on him or her. But whether a low-end or a high-end version, a background search by The Millennium Group is always “cheap insurance”.

Q: If I think my lover/spouse is cheating on me, how can I find out for sure?

A: With infidelity cases there are a number of approaches we can take. Surveillance is the first that comes to mind for most people and it can be very useful, but there are other ways as well. Often, through our computer databases, in-place sources and pretext telephone calls, we can learn a great deal about an individual’s “extra-curricular” activities. Does his cellphone bill show repeated calls at odd hours to a single, unknown number? Does his credit card statement make mention of flowers or jewelry that you never received? Do property records show that he has co-signed on a loan for another person’s car or condo? Do records at the hotel where he stayed on his last “business trip” reveal that he was not the only occupant of his room? In addition, placing one of our beautiful, trained decoys in his path the next time he goes out with the boys would be a real test of his loyalty!

Q: How quickly can you get started on my investigation and what is your payment policy?

A: Normally we begin the assignment the same day that we receive your instructions and deposit. We accept cash, check or money order, which can be mailed, Fed-Ex’ed or brought to our offices. All major credit cards are also accepted. We provide written reports along with complete accountings and refunds of any unused monies.

Q: If I have someone investigated or followed, will that person ever find out that I was responsible for it?

A: While no responsible investigator would ever guarantee 100% that the “Subject” will not see or hear something that might indicate that he/she is being scrutinized, experience truly makes the difference. Even in a worst case scenario, the identity of our clients is protected at all costs. The Millennium Group’s investigators are government-trained professionals who thoroughly understand the importance of caution and discretion. Consequently, the “bad guy” has never spotted us yet!

Q: Why shouldn’t I just do my own investigating and save some money?

A: Even if you are naturally clever, resourceful and “sneaky”, attempts at amateur investigation nearly always end in disaster. Without the necessary training, not to mention the essential equipment and sources of information, positive results are very difficult to achieve. Worse yet, a case that has already been unintentionally “heated up” through the well-meaning but clumsy “do-it-yourself” investigative efforts of non-professionals can ultimately require more time and effort — and more expense — once it is finally turned over to the professionals at The Millennium Group.