Background Searches

(also known as background checks, pre-marital investigations, pre-employment screenings) are a very informative, but discreet, look into the past and present of a friend, enemy, lover, employee, relative, fiancée, roommate, housekeeper, landlord/leasee, opponent, juror/witness, nurse, babysitter, nanny or other care-giver. Our computer databases access over two billion records, giving you an accurate, up-to-date, detailed report. From the listing of an individual’s most current and past addresses, to an in-depth profile of property ownership, criminal history, corporate affiliations, driving history/DUI’s, bankruptcies, judgments and liens, previous employment record, and past workers compensation claims It also verifies personal identifiers and lists possible relatives including but not limited to spouses (past and present) and dependent children, and can even reveal important “bonus” details such as whether the person has been found mentally incompetent in court. Our report may, in some cases, include a consumer credit analysis as well. A background search from The Millennium Group can be brief and basic, lengthy and very comprehensive, or anywhere in-between. We tailor each report to the individual client’s needs, interests and budget. For employers, pre-employment screenings sharply reduce the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits should one of your hires be accused of any wrongdoing while in your employ. Volume discounts are available.