5 Tips For Spotting A Cheating Mate

1) Check those receipts:  It was probably paid for in cash but it might have been on a debit or credit card.  Either way, did it involve a local hotel room or flowers you never received?

2) Take notice of greater attention to personal appearance:  Those in a new relationship often feel the urge to embark on a crash diet or exercise program.

3) Be aware of an increased tendency to put you on the defensive:  The guilty party will often "flip the script" by accusing their mate of infidelity or other unacceptable behavior.  Also, they will respond to any accusations on your part with, "You must be crazy!"

4) Note any new interest in controlling the bills:  Particularly cellphone, credit card, bank statements.

5) Pay attention to a change in cellphone and/or computer use:  The sudden need to "work" late on the computer or take a "business" call outside.

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