Buyer Beware When It Comes To Using Online Dating Sites

All but the most naive of visitors to online matchmaking sites are aware that there is a great deal of exaggeration, posing and obfuscation in the cyber-dating world.  Still, as deceptive as it may be for a would-be dater in their late 30s to post a profile picture of them from Spring Break 1995, at least it IS their picture.  However, only recently has it come to light (see linked article) that many of these sites ignore, encourage or, in some instances, even create completely bogus profiles simply to increase sign-ups.  When dipping your toe in such a risky dating pool, you may want to consider a background search on your future "soul mate."
Florida mom's photos used in more than 200 bogus Match.com profiles: $1.5 billion lawsuit - NY Daily News#%21

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