Our Free Initial Consultation Is Also Hassle-Free And Judgment-Free

We here at The Millennium Group realize that, for many people, that first contact with a private investigator is more stressful than connecting with a new auto mechanic or dry cleaner.  By its very nature, the business of private investigation tends to be, well, private.  We get it.  Whether or not you ultimately decide to follow through with the (relatively painless) process of hiring our agency to assist you, you want to be assured that you won't be given the "hard sell" and that you won't be judged.  With us, you won't.  That initial consultation comes with absolutely no obligation on your part, financially or otherwise.  In fact, once or twice a week, we talk a potential client OUT of proceeding with the investigation they have in mind because it is impractical, illegal or simply un-doable.  And this is definitely a "no judgment zone" -- after decades in the business, we have heard and seen it all and your story will NOT shock us.  We understand that good people sometimes find themselves in precarious and/or embarrassing situations through no fault of their own or perhaps simply because they were too trusting or a bit naive.  It should also go without saying that the first (and any subsequent) conversation you have with us is 100% confidential.  Protecting our client's privacy is not only our agency's firm policy, it is required by the state licensing authority.  So, whether you elect to meet with us in person at our offices or contact us via phone, e-mail, fax or letter, you can expect a sympathetic ear and count on our professionalism and discretion.

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