A lost love, relative, deadbeat dad, witness or defendant in a legal case, debtor, former classmate, old army buddy, runaway, parental kidnapping victim, heir, biological parent/child, etc. Depending upon a number of factors (e.g., length of time the person has been missing, how intent he/she is on staying missing), the task can be quite challenging, or remarkably simple if one has the appropriate computer databases, contacts, and experience in the finding of missing persons (also known as locates or skip traces). The Millennium Group has all of the above and our batting average is quite high in these cases. We recently broke our own speed record by locating a missing individual six minutes after the client walked out of our offices (we immediately called the client on her car phone to give her the good news but she had not had time to get back to her parking space yet!). For businesses, our 95% success rate can help solve your skip trace/debtor location problems.

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