Surveillance Or GPS Tracking — Which to Choose?

Whether the issue is cheating partner, a questionable workmans comp claim or a business' "double agent" feeding company secrets to a competitor, there are generally two options in terms of tracking the suspect's movements in an effort to obtain proof of your suspicions.  Those two obvious choices (though we often can offer other options as well) are "live" surveillance or placing a covert, GPS tracking device on the subject's vehicle.  Both have their advantages.  GPS tracking is the latest state-of-the-art solution.  Because it requires no manpower (apart from installing and later removing the device) it is usually more cost-effective.  A GPS tracker never "loses" the subject in traffic and is never spotted in the subject's rearview mirror   Also, it offers true, 24/7 coverage which would otherwise be operationally impractical and/or prohibitively expensive.  Actual manned surveillance, on the other hand, is "old school".  The reason it has been around for hundreds (thousands?) of years is that it offers clients the kind of eyewitness "play by play" account (along with supporting photo/video evidence) that no hi-tech device can.  A GPS tracker is an excellent way to determine where (and when) a vehicle goes.  However, a surveillance agent can also tell you WHAT your subject is doing and WHO he/she is doing it with!  Sometimes, the best answer is a combination of the two.

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