What are the chances of you finding the missing person I am seeking?

A client asked today, "What are the chances of you finding the missing person I am seeking?" Even without knowing any of the details, I can confidently say that the chances are good to very good. Our overall "hit" ratio hovers somewhere around the 97% mark. Our odds of success will hinge primarily on three factors:

1) How long has the person been missing from your life? (all things being equal, someone who you lost track of six months ago will be easier to locate than someone you last saw at your high school graduation in 1963).
2) How much useful info can you give us as a starting point for our search (we would love to have full name, DOB, SSN and complete last known address but we seldom do and are often successful with much less)
3) Is the person just "missing" or are they actively hiding? (clearly, someone who is taking steps to cover their tracks will be more challenging to find than someone you simply lost track of)

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