What Does A “Good” Background Search Include?

As stated previously in this section, not all background searches are created equal. The vast majority of the freebie/cheapie reports that one can obtain on-line are going to disappoint. Either they will not provide enough detail on your target or much, if not all, of the info included will be on someone (e.g., with the same name) who is NOT your target. And let's face it, even $29.95 is no bargain if the report focuses largely (or perhaps entirely) on the wrong person! And even a free report can cost you big time if it misleads you with faulty data and you blindly make wrong decisions (from a personal or business standpoint) based on that bad info. So, accuracy is clearly paramount, but what should be included? That depend's largely on your needs. If the person you want to investigate is someone you just started/intend to start dating, your requirements might be fairly limited -- Is that his real name? Is he married or single? Does he have a criminal record? If you are about to hire a nanny, you will probably want to go a bit deeper -- Is she on any of the Sexual Offender Databases? Does she have a good driving record? If the target is being considered as your company's next CFO, you are going to want to know even more -- Is his resume' exaggerated? Has he had any bankruptcies or other serious, financial issues? Does he have a gambling problem? Our investigators strive to provide a background search that fits your particular needs (and budget).

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