3 Things That Your P.I. Will Not Tell You

We try to be as up-front with our clients as possible but many private investigators find it easier to make a living if they DON'T tell their clients:
1) Effective surveillance is almost always a much longer process that what one sees in the movies and on TV where 30 seconds after the P.I. pulls up across from the bad guy's house, the bad guy leaves and drives straight to whatever incriminating location the P.I. suspected he might be going, pausing only long enough as he exits his vehicle for the P.I. to get a perfect, incriminating photo.
2) The locating of the long lost love or relative you hire a P.I. for might not result in the joyous, tearful reunion that you envision. In fact, they may not want any contact from you at all.
3) Although the background search that you pay your P.I. to run on a person of interest WILL be more accurate, current and detailed than what you could do by yourself on The Internet, it will never include "everything". Unless he/she has shared them on their Facebook page, the individual's hopes, dreams, plans and "true feelings" about you are not going to show up in even the most sophisticated databases.

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