A Missing Person Investigation Re-Unites Former Sweethearts

happycoupleAs private investigators, some of our cases can get pretty dark. That's why an assignment with a "Happy Ending" can feel like a rare treat.  Although we work infidelity cases,  computer forensics, bug sweeps, asset searches and much more, some of our most enjoyable cases involve clients asking us to find missing persons.  Sometimes the person we are hired to locate is a deadbeat parent or other debtor, sometimes it is a witness in a pending court case and sometimes it is a "long lost love".  A recent case involved the latter category.  A woman wanted us to assist her in contacting her former high-school sweetheart.  It had been 20+ years and she had slowly come to the realization that he was "the one".  Within 48 hours we had found him and we learned that, not only had he also been pining away for his old, high-school crush through the years, he had himself turned to a private detective in an effort to relocate her.  Either our client was tougher to locate than our target was or we are better investigators than the target's P.I. because he had failed in his attempt to find our client.  In the end, we were able to put the two former lovebirds back together and they will (hopefully) live happily ever after!

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