The Latest Investigative Tool: Monitoring Social Media


Some things about the work of private investigators seem to never change.  One example:  performing discreet, physical surveillance on a subject your client suspects is guilty of something (cheating, stealing, etc.) has been a staple of the P.I. game probably since Day 1.  However, some things do change.  The importance of social media to the world and, therefore, to investigations, has reached a point undreamed of just a few years ago.  Tapping effectively into social media is now so important and potentially so rewarding in terms of the critical info it can provide, we now incorporate it to some degree into the majority of our investigations.  We provide a specific service to address this need.  Our Social Media Intelligence (SMI) scan is a custom algorithm that systematically scours not just Facebook and Twitter but dozens of social media 

platforms, focusing only on the issues of interest to our client and delivers the pertinent info in a concise, easily-readable report.  We can even archive those results to retain them for future reference/evidence in case they are subsequently deleted.  The SMI scan is easy to order, has a turnaround time of just 2-3 business days and is surprisingly inexpensive.  But it's a powerhouse in terms of the "smoking gun" evidence it can deliver!

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