Cheaters and Valentine’s Day go together like…

Many private investigators will tell you that Valentine's Day is the biggest/best day of the year to catch a cheater.  We're not sure whether there are any reliable statistics to back this up but anecdotal evidence certainly supports that theory.  Our agency is always running at full capacity during the week of Valentine's Day.  It sort of makes sense.  If there is a (second) significant other in the picture, the cheater will almost certainly try to arrange at least a brief face-to-face meeting on (or close to) the big day.  And, unlike other major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day comes without the expectation of spending all or much of the day with relatives, i.e., more opportunity to meet up with that secret someone.  So, if you suspect that your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend may be cheating, Valentine's Day is a VERY good time to keep a close watch on them or, better yet, hire a qualified P.I. to do it!

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