New GPS Vehicle Tracking Offer

Attaching a GPS tracking device to a family or work vehicle can be a great way to monitor the comings and goings of a teenaged driver, a sketchy employee or a potentially unfaithful spouse.  For years we have offered our clients the option of leasing one of our discreet, pro-grade, real-time trackers at a flat, daily rate.  However, in most instances, the client found the information provided to be so useful that they would ask that their initial request for a few days or a week of service be extended to two or three weeks or longer.  But at the daily rate, that can get expensive.  So, effective immediately, a new GPS benefit package will be offered.  An all-inclusive flat-rate of $1,000 which includes all fees, expenses and taxes will cover:

– 30 day lease of pro-grade, real-time device

– covert installation of the device

– training on use of device/interpreting reporting results

– unlimited 24/7 locates (aka, pings) on the device

– printed History Reports

– removal of device at end of lease

Drop us a line should you want to make arrangements for GPS tracking or if you have further questions.

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