Do You Need Help Finding A Missing Person?

We do a LOT of missing person investigations.  We usually refer to these as "locates" but, in our industry, the term "skip traces" is also frequently used and, occasionally, we see "people-finder" requests.  Regardless of the terminology, it's about figuring out where a given person is currently and giving the client the means to contact that person.  (Humorous sidenote:  More than once, 

when we mention locating a missing person, a new client has responded, "Oh, he's not missing.  I just don't know where he is."  Well, that's what we consider "missing").  In other words, the person in question doesn't have to have suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth.  And it doesn't have to concern something as dramatic as a runaway child (although it could).  The people we are asked to locate are former high-school sweethearts, debtors who have reneged on outstanding loans, old army buddies, potential witnesses in court cases, deadbeat dads (and moms), etc., etc.  We are very good at it, too.  Our success rate over the past couple of years is somewhere in the 97% range!    

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