Top Ten Tips For Home Security During The Holidays

Residential burglaries almost invariably spike during the end of the year holiday season.  Why is this?  Burglars know there is a better chance than normal that homeowners will be out of town visiting family or, at least, out of the house (e.g., at a Christmas party) and, unlike what you see in movies/TV, burglars much prefer to steal from you when you are not home.  Also, a burglar wants to make your holiday gifts HIS holiday gifts.  Beyond the 10 excellent suggestions in the attached article, here's a bonus Number 11 that we always include when advising our clients.  Buy a doggy dish.  Even if you don't have a dog. Put it where it will be easily seen such as right next to the door on the back porch.  Make it a big dish (for your imaginary BIG dog).  Burglars hate dogs both for the noise they make and the bite marks they leave.


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