Getting A Deadbeat Parent To Pay His/Her Fair Share

There is much talk and understandable anger regarding divorced/biological parents neglecting their court-ordered child support payments. The term most-heard is "deadbeat dad" but I can assure you, it works both ways -- there are plenty of deadbeat moms out there as well. The courts are usually pretty good about enforcing this IF they can easily find the delinquent parent. However, if he/she is on the run, or just moved and "forgot" to advise the authorities, the process grinds to a halt and the custodial parent can be left feeling abused by their ex and ignored by the judicial system. In most cases, it is up to the parent to whom the money is owed to locate their ex and advise the court so that the appropriate documents can be served and the deadbeat parent compelled to get current on child support payments. Usually, the custodial parent lacks the time and/or skills to perform the locate without help. Often, they turn to The Millennium Group where our experience, training and access to sophisticated, non-public, proprietary databases enable us to accomplish such tasks quickly and inexpensively.

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