Locating Missing Persons: Some Are Tougher Than Others

When a client asks, "What are the odds of you locating this missing person for me?", we usually respond, "Somewhere between good and very good." That's because, even without understanding any of the specifics of the case, we know that our overall "batting average" is excellent when it comes to this type of investigation. But if a more pin-pointed projection is requested, we explain the three main factors that make a locate easy or tough. 1) How much (accurate) info you are able to provide us with. Ideally, we would like to have a full name, date-of-birth, SSN and last known address. 2) How long the person has been missing. All things being equal, someone you lost track of a year ago will be an easier target than a classmate you last saw at your graduation in 1967. 3) Whether the person is just "missing" or actively "hiding". Obviously someone who is making a concerted effort to stay off the radar will be more challenging to locate. However, even in the face of such limitations, we have successfully located people after decades of hiding using as little as a name and age range.

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