Winning A Child Custody Battle

 Many of our clients find themselves caught up in contentious child custody situations.  We try to underscore to them the importance of documenting evidence (or even simply details) in child custody (or abuse or stalking) cases.  But don't think you have to limit yourself to printed (e.g., e-mail messages) or recorded (phone conversations) material.  Take notes!  We advise our clients to keep a log (well-hidden) and for every incident, write down the details to include date, time and quoted statements.  Yes, it's in your handwriting and the other side can dismiss it as mere hearsay, but a good judge will acknowledge the fact that you were serious and concerned enough to maintain a written record of your abuser's misdeeds. Take photos, too (discretely, if possible). If nothing else, it will help you keep a clear memory of pertinent events and their chronology so as to be better able to relate the facts to your attorney, court officials (and, possibly, your private investigator).


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